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swimming for Beginner

Hi, my name is Ori Sela, founder of the healthiest swimming technique in the world, WEST – Water World Swimming Therapy.

You’ve probably heard that swimming is a very healthy sport, maybe you’ve always wanted to give it a try but weren’t exactly sure what to do once you’re in the water. Maybe you’ve already given it a try – but something just wasn’t right. You felt like you had no air in your lungs, your pulse was too high too soon.

WEST beginners course is suitable for those who don’t know how to swim 1000 meters freestyle, and it works on very simple and easy to understand method

In this course, we will teach you not only the right way to do it, but we’ll teach you the right way for you to do it. West is based on the fact that people are different and we each have different body structure, flexibilities and capabilities, so there’s no such thing as 1 swimming technique that can be right for everyone, and therefore we have developed a large variety of programs to suit each and every one of you.

You will learn how to relax your whole body and use it correctly in such a way that you’ll have no resistance in the water, go forward with less effort.

The WEST program – significantly increases lung capacity, and will allow you to take in more oxygen in each inhale, and as a result of that, the muscles get more oxygen, it will take longer for you to get tired, if at all.

Once this is achieved, the muscle lengthens accurately – meaning extending the your muscle in the right angle for you depending on body structure, while only concentrating on strengthening without hurting. Only when your body is balanced you can learn to breathe properly – without straining your neck and back and you will understand why WEST is so simple to understand, practice and proceed with in order to reach your goals.

At the end of the program you will know symmetrically swim freestyle / crawl between 500-800 meters continuously.

The course will explain to you precisely why one thing is right for you and another right for someone else, after while watching videos of your WEST Olympic swimmers you will see the difference.

In a period of 3-4 months, depending on how many times you workout each week, you will be able to swim between 500-1000 meters freestyle. This course specifically is also amazing for triathlete racers who want to improve their swimming technique or learn how to swim faster in a short period of time.

What accessories do you need to get going?

Taking up any sports activity will sometimes require you to gear-up, and to make things simple for you, below you will see a short list of the things you really NEED in order to get started.

WEST experts have selected out the minimum items that are necessary:

  1. Swimming suit
  2. Goggles
  3. Fins

We have also collected selected items that you can find here and purchase them easily online.
The course is easy, simple and suitable for progress at your own pace, at last you do not have to think at all, but let us take you step by step without having to think at all

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