3 power drills in swimming to make you swim faster

In the article we will talk about 3 swimming power exercises, easy to perform on one hand and on the other hand can improve your speed without thinking about the pulling water strongly.
What is the difference between lifting a weight at home and a rare combination of the same work, just in the water?

The combination of the words “pulling water” refers to the swimmer’s ability to move the same movement more water, and here actually the main difference between lifting the weight to improve and strengthen the specific muscle of the gravitation.

At the end of the article, we built a sample workout for you to really feel the online improvement quickly by strengthening and elongating specific muscles in swimming.

Why do people make the same mistake of saying that their problem in swimming is they don’t pull water strongly?

If you work with a swimmer for a whole swimming lesson on the pull,  (I’m not talking about professional swimmers or Olympic swimmers) you will see that if he doesn’t swim WEST he will swim slower in 25m and with 10% or more stokes.

Most masters swimmers or triathletes create stress when thinking on pulling and stress creates drag in the water, and eventually lets you swim much much slower

Loosening lower back= swimming much faster

It is always recommended to improve your swimming technique   according to the  WEST method, as well as to improve your swimming, lower back and also swim much faster.

Exercise 1- Work on the triceps muscle
At first in static form without swimming and then with swimming

Exercise 2 – Work on the biceps
Initially in static form and then letting the feet lead us in motion

Exercise 3 – Long doggie paddle swim

The full power swimming workout

Sample training to improve muscular strength, recruit motor units and improve swimming speed.
300  slow freestyle breathing every 5 strokes

4X50, between every 50 m 12 triceps pull at the wall

4X50 between every 50 m 12 and biceps pull at the wall

4X50, the first 25m long doggie paddle and the second lap  minimum strokes per lap

4X100, every time a 25m work on a triceps with a snorkel(kicking slowly with the legs)

3X100, each time in the first 12.5m biceps pull work legs leading the swim

50 slow

5X100, Between every 100 m 24 pulls at the wall, 12 biceps, 12 triceps, if your exit time is usually 2 minutes to 100 m add 30 seconds for your send off time

4 times 100 m is a pace of 75% last  100 ALLOUT

** The goal of the exercise is to stimulate the muscle all the time and then use the force they created for speed.

3X200 pull buoy and paddles  do 24 pulls at the wall (12 biceps , 12 triceps) by the wall

**2 X200 at 75% last 200 m AllOUT

300 slow

If you enjoyed the practice and I know you will enjoy it, do not forget to share

It is all ways recommended to work on your swimming technique before working on speed

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