Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you took the full course, during 30 days we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked!

Our online swimming courses in WEST swimming technique allows you to practice swimming according to your own schedule.
This course provides you the opportunity to learn how to swim in the right way, the WEST way.
You can watch the swimming drills anywhere: At home, at the office, or even on the go.


WEST swimming technique was developed for every body shape and takes under consideration your life style, body capabilities and your schedule.
At a fair price, receive the feeling of a private lesson from one of the best swimming instructors in the world, on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

WEST, one of the best swimming practices in the in the world, was developed in Ori Sela’s Water World in Israel. It was aimed to meet everybody’s needs by innitially understanding that every person is different and should swim according to his own needs, body capabilities and physical abilities. Early technique was developed specifically for the disabled in order to adjust the swimming strokes to their “DNA”.

WEST swimming technique was designed with a wide range of needs in mind:
A patient with discs or neck pain after a car accident, a child with special needs, pregnant woman, a beginning swimmer and an advanced. The WEST technique is adjusted to the swimmers’ capabilities and can be tailored to each and every one.

We recommend practicing at least 3 times a week, smae days and same hours. The best way is to add the workouts to you calander as a recurring event.

We recommend to do the workouts in the same weekdays and in the same hours. It takes a while for the body to adjust and studies show that this is the best method to practice swimming (and sport in general)

Absolutly not! You can watch the videos as many times as you please. Infact, we recommend to watch every drill 2 – 3 times before jumping into the pool. More over, you can invite the whole family to accompany you to the pool and have them monitor your progress. Don’t forget to feel in the feedback form at the end of each drill. It will give you a good analysis of your progress

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