Ori Sela in talking about “The power of the sea” in Tedx Nicosia


H2Open – Open water magazine- How to loosen your lower back in open water


H2Open magazine watch your back

Uri Talshir Haaretz Swimmers cross the Dead Sea for the first time>>>

Haaretz – Israeli team swims from Cyprus to Israel, breaking world record. Click Here>>

ODN – On Demand News – Israeli sextet claim new record in Cyprus-Israel swim:


Daily News Open water swimming – Beautiful Scenes From The 380 km Cyprus Israel Swim. Click Here>>

Green Prophet – Israeli senior leads hot swim team for cool project at sea and a Guinness World Record. Click Here>>

Reuters – Israeli relay sextet set world record open-water mark. Click Here>>

Jerusalem Post – Israeli World Relay Record:

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 Check out Ori Sela’s short interview at TED Nicosia after giving his inspiring speech:

From the Open Water Swimming Magazine – 2014 December: Israeli team swims from Cyprus to Israel. Click Here>>

8 Israelis Who Made Us Proud In 2014>>

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