Items recommended by WEST swimming technique experts

Necessary gear : Goggles and fins – easy!

Watch how to take your workout to the pool, and why elastic swimming fins?

Good and flexible fins will not only improve your swimming technique when learning how to swim freestyle, they will protect your lower back and strengthen your core muscles while swimming freestyle, back stroke and more.And it will help you succeed in your swimming workouts

You can learn more about Fins in the WEST swimming technique article

You can find your preferred items below:

Why use a swimming snorkel and how can it help you swim looser and protect your shoulder, neck & lower back?

Many swimmers say that their problem in swimming is that they don’t know how to breathe? you can try to swim with a snorkel and you will understand is that you need to work on your WEST swimming technique.

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Why use swimming fins and why it it so important for improving swimming technique and treating lower back pain?

Their are many kinds of swimming fins to improve your swimming technique, speed and power.

in WEST swimming technique we mostly use the speedo elastic long fins,

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How to choose your swimming paddles and how to protect your lower back and neck?

It is always recommended to learn how to swim freestyle in WEST swimming technique even if you know how to swim, WEST was developed on the SPINE which means how to loosen and protect neck & lower back pain while swimming, WEST swimming looks at each person as if he has a herniated disc even if he doesn’t have pain at all.

Why is WEST swimming technique the healthiest swimming technique in the world?

Join the swim freestyle online course and you will know why.

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