Why is WEST swimming technique the healthiest swimming in the world

You must have heard that swimming is very healthy, but are you swimming the right way? Or even better, wouldn’t you like to swim the exact correct way for your body structure? Wouldn’t you like to have more air in your lungs? Maybe you’d like to strengthen your muscles without much effort?
And most importantly, wouldn’t you like to live a healthier, painless and stress-free life?
The answer is clear: of course you would !!
“We see all of our swimmers as if they have a herniated disc in the lower back and neck,” even if they have no pain at all.
I’ll try to talk about 1 particular simple example which is “optimal depth stretch”
One that should stretch his hand to the depth of 35 centimeters and instead he stretches 15 cm from the water line, will automatically cause the elbow to fall, which will lead to a “stop” in the water, then the head will drop and cause stress on the neck and lower back, feet will sink and that will lead the body to sink faster, work harder with much more effort.
However, whether a swimmer is a beginner or advanced, as long as he stretches his hand to his optimal depth, depending on body structure and flexibility, he will extend the spine, abdominal muscles will strengthen, you don’t mind strengthening your stomach muscles while you’re at it?
Breathing will be easier, body structure will change and improve dramatically, and it is clear that when swimming according to optimized body structure, we swim effortlessly (break) and move much faster.
Give us the opportunity to take you on a spectacular journey that will change your understanding of swimming.
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