WEST swim Clinic lesson 3

    Lesson number 3 – Breathing Our goal is not to try breathing before you got all the other elements down. We started to work on turning a full 180 degrees in the water, so that we are floating on our back’ keeping our hand close to our ear to make the return to […]

WEST swim clinic lesson 1

WEST swim clinic lesson 1- The shape of the palm & under water stretch depth. Point number 1 that we worked on is the shape of your palm in and above water. We already established that coordinately we cannot keep an open, relaxed palm above water to reduce stress from our shoulders, and then close […]

WEST swim Clinic lesson 2

Lesson number 2 – How to float better, or, in other words, how to keep your body from being halting while swimming. Last time we talked about the palm and the depth in which we stretch our hand, the two most important element in the WEST swimming technique. Today we’ll talk about floating. Many swimmers […]

WEST swim clinic -Lesson 9- Hypoxia

שיעור מספר 9 בקליניקת שחייה בשיטת ווסט – היפוקסייה – שחייה ללא נשימה  היום בעולם נותנים חשיבות רבה לשחייה ללא נשימה על מנת לשחות ספרינט של 50 מ’ בכל הכוח  ובעיקר לדעת לקחת יותר חמצן בכל שאיפת אוויר בשחייה ווסט החשיבות של שחייה ללא נשימה היא היכולת להציף את הרגליים וליצור גרירת רגליים נכונה במים […]

WEST swim Clinic- Lesson 7+8- the Holy Triangle

Lessons number 7+8 – “The holy WEST triangle”   Once you are aware of these three parameters you can start to improve, because you have a goal. When you’ve finished your 25m swim, you take your pulse for 10 seconds, holding two fingers to your neck. You want to work on keeping a low pulse. […]

WEST swim Clinic- Lesson 6- Backstroke and classic backstroke

Lesson number 6 – How to do a backstroke while protecting your lower back In order to understand the differences between world record holder Aaaron Peirsol and swimming WEST Let’s start with the “classic” backstroke. This stroke involves stretching both hands over your head while stretching your legs in the opposite direction, which of course […]

WEST swim Clinic- Lesson 5- Pull and angles

Lesson number 5 – The least important points.   Angle – Some people say that Olympic swimmers have their hands hit the water at an angle of almost 180 degrees. This is true, but most of us are not that limber, and this will create unnecessary stress to the neck. So you need to find […]

Swim WEST Clinic- Lesson 4- Number of strokes

Lesson number 4 – How to count moves (strokes)   Every time a hand touches the water counts as a stroke. If you swim in a 25m pool your initial goal is to reach 18 strokes, and for a 20m pool – 15 strokes. Our end goal is to be able to swim 1 Kilometer […]

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