WEST swim Clinic- Lesson 5- Pull and angles

Lesson number 5 – The least important points.


  1. Angle – Some people say that Olympic swimmers have their hands hit the water at an angle of almost 180 degrees. This is true, but most of us are not that limber, and this will create unnecessary stress to the neck. So you need to find the angle that suits you. For most people this angle is approximately 120 degrees. If you are not limber at all you should keep you hand at a 90 degree angle.
  2. Paddle – Where do we end it? Olympic swimmers end it near the outside area of the thigh, but we should find the comfortable point for us, near the inner thigh or in the middle.
  3. The arrow – Competitive swimmers set out with a lot of dolphin moves, but even for competitive swimmers this is not efficient if they are over 25. For those who are not Olympic swimmers, two dolphin moves are enough, followed by an arrow (one palm over the other, the thumb of the upper palms grabs the lower palm).
  4. Paddle – How do we do it? We are told to bend the hand, but it is advisable to let the hand drop in the water until there’s no stress on the neck and shoulders, and only then bend it.

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