Masters swimming workout find your Aerobic range time in 100m freestyle

Aerobic pulse control in swimming – A workout for the 65%-85% range This article will discuss one of the important aspects of swimming: understanding the right swimming pace for you in 100m freestyle in the high aerobic range and the low aerobic range. Before we begin, we’ll try to understand what an aerobic range is, […]

Masters swimming workouts #13- Accordion 100 m

Why is accordion so important in swimming, in order to control your swimming technique while swimming fast. Most masters simmers say they can swim fast but can’t swim slow or in other words they can swim slow but don’t know how to control their swimming pace in 55%, 60%….. in the accordion WEST swimming workout […]

Masters swimming workouts #12- change leader for open water.

Why is changing leader in swimming WEST so important? Most people don’t know how to swap leader without losing so much energy in open water and when swimming in the pool, why does it happen? Because they just speed up, pass the swimmer and they don’t thinks about what’s happening to the body or our […]

Masters swimming workouts 10- Control pace of 400 m.

One of the most important thing in swimming 400 m, is to know the time you are going to swim before swimming it, How is it done? In WEST swimming we understand that our body is a little different each day, How is that even possible? Some times we are tired, stressed, strong, our body […]

Masters swimming workout 9- Hypoxia & legs

Before you run to this amazing and hard workout you should try to do workout 7 & 8 and only afterwords do hypoxia and legs. Why is this so important and hard? Most masters swimmers that didn’t yet practice the WEST swimming technique will feel they don’t have enough air, or their legs will sink. […]

Masters swimming workouts 6- learn how to swim 50 m fast.

Swimming fast or working on your speed is a very important physiological element, our goal is to know how to swim fast without hurting and causing pain 6 hours after the swimming workout which means pain is good when speeding up, but the question is if the pain stays with us or goes away and […]

Masters swimming workouts 5- Control the pace of 100 freestyle

Before you learn to swim freestyle fast it is important to work on your swimming technique. The problam in masters swimming and sprints is, that sometimes it’s very dangerous for the shoulder, neck & lower back. So how should we improve our speed in 100 m freestyle or breaststroke without hearting our body? In this […]

Masters swimming training 3- Control your pace in 200 freestyle

Many swimmers don’t know how to control their pace in 200 m freestyle, they feel they are out of air, but what they don’t know is that they doggie paddle witch means they swim sometimes more than 10 strokes for 25 m. swimming 30% more strokes would get you oxidized much faster and in the end your […]

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