Masters swimming workouts 11- Aggressive drafting in open water and long distances

In this masters swimming workout we are going to practice long distance swimming and a little work on “Aggressive Drafting”.

Before we start it is important to understand that we never grab a swimmer , touch his leg or pull him down, even if he swam on us and pulled our leg.

But !! we have to know how it feels??(because it’s going to happen to you) And if someone punches you, just smile and swim WEST.

NumberThe drillAdditional explanations
16X100 freestyleEvery 100 change leader, between each couple take 10 seconds.
rest 15 sec after every 100.
26X50 breathing every 2 strokes to the "windows"It means you breathe on lap the left side and 2nd lap to the right.
34X50 disturb swimmer 10 sec rest 75%
every 550 change leader, work in couples
your goal is to touch the leg of your friend 10 times each 50 m( yes it is disturbing)
44X300 swap leaderIn the fifth and and 9th lap swap leader, when swapping the leader which is going to be 2nd swims in the same pace, not faster and not slower.
54X50 aggressive changeIn the first lap you grab your friends leg pull him down. smile... and continue swimming, in the 2nd lap your friend does the same thing to you.
64X400 2 with paddles and 2 without
7100 backstroke +7 min stretching

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