About the Team Behind WEST Swimming Technique

The WEST swimming technique was developed by Ori Sela and his team: Olympian swimmers, swimming coaches, triathlon coaches, open water coaches, Hydrotherapists, physiotherapists, west-team-3Chinese medicine therapists and more.

Today, Water World is one of the biggest and most professional hydrotherapy and swimming clubs in the world, with more than 140 instructors, swimming coaches and Hydrotherapists.

WEST coaches treat thousands of people each year all over the world through swimming, from baby swimming, treating ADHD, PDD, CP, through training: open water and triathletes, while our expertise is treating lower back pain and joints.

We believe in working different, working with the body, we believe in pushing yourself in order the get stronger but not hurting yourself in the process and making sure you are taking care of your body.

Join us at the WEST swimming technique online program and you’ll understand the power of this amazing team that sees treating people as their goal in life.



Meet some of the leading therapists and mangers of WEST swimming technique:

Ayelet Nagly- Manager of Hydrotherapy in all Water World centers(Swim WEST coach) ” The water relaxes me gives me energy for people and for life”

Ayelet Nagly swim west

Einat Tsikret – Professional Manager of WEST swimming Ramat Gan center.

“I swam all my life and didn’t know why, today I know!! It’s to see day change in peoples life’s”

Einat tsikret swim westeinat tsikret

Cindy Doicher – Professional manager Water World Poleg Netanaya.

“I am here in this world to help people live a better life, I believe in the power of the water and swim WEST technique to do it”





Tami Sela – WEST swimming coach ” I love to teach all ages but especially I love the change that the water does to babies”

Tami Sela Swim WEST


In order to be A WEST swim coach you need to love 2 things: people and water.

We in WEST swimming technique understand that people are different and every person needs to swim differently, WEST swimming isn’t only about swimming according to your DNA it looks at each person as if he has a herniated disc in his lower back and in the neck.

“Love the water ” WEST swimming technique team:

swimming_crew_2009 (32)

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