WEST program Applicant questionnaire- swimming according to your DNA.

  • You are about to fill out a questionnaire aiming to understand your swimming, flexibility and technique abilities, according to WEST principles.
    The questionnaire refers to males and females as one. Some of the questions include a tutorial video. It is recommended you watch it in order to understand the question.

    General information:

  • 7. Diagnosing drills

    a. Diagnosing drill #1
    Goal- identifying shoulder, scapula, neck and lower back flexibility level.
    Extend your arms and put one hand on top of the other, where your upper hand thumb wraps your lower hand. Raise your stream line arms slowly, while keeping your elbows locked. As soon as you start feeling pressure in your shoulder, neck or lower back, stop and check the angle between your arms and your head. neck
  • b. Diagnosing drill #2 Goal- identify scapula, neck, delta and bicep flexibility level. Cross your arms behind your back, while maintaining straight back and upright head position.
    Raise your arms behind your back as high as you can. train swim
  • c. Diagnosing drill #3 Goal- identify lower back, pelvis and biceps femoris (hamstring) flexibility.
    Put your leg slowly on top of a chair, a table or any other object, to the level of your hips. Hold your arms underneath your knee and gently bend your head towards your knee. Hold it for 10 seconds. Diagnosing drill #3
  • Thank you for filling out the WEST swimming questionnaire. After processing your answers, you will be referred to the right specific WEST swimming program for you, based on your Flexibility, gender, level of swimming and abilities.
    The program takes into account few variables, such as conditioning level, gender, flexibility, chronic pain if at all and age.
    We will pick out for you 10 different workouts, out of 1000 training sets, in order to create the best technique for you, while protecting the areas of your body, that have a tendency to be problematic, specifically your back and neck.
    It means we want to lengthen short muscles, protect joints and improve your swimming ability,which will enable you to swim faster with less effort.
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