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WEST – Water World Swimming Therapy 

Is a swimming technique that started 20 years ago as part of  hydro therapy in order to help people treat their body but especially treating lower back & neck pain

We see each person as if he has a herniated disc in the lower back and neck even if he doesn’t have no pain at all.
The swim WEST technique was developed over 20 years ago in order to relax the body and treat neck and back problems, as well as traumatic accidents. Recently, we can see a clear trend in the athletic world of adjusting the swimming technique to one’s body shape, physical abilities and even lifestyle. The swim WEST technique is based on those 3 factors solely, and modified to every individual with personal and specific care.

There are some elements which distinguish WEST from other swimming techniques:

1. Palm shape- the Palm shape in WEST swimming is according to the shoulder and neck flexibility, the more we have pain the more our swimming will look like a bowl.

When swimming WEST our goal is to find the right angle and looseness of the body to swim faster and float much better.

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2.Legs- We drag our legs when swimming in order to loosen our lower back and float better, In normal swimming we work and train strongly with our legs or as.

3. Elbow- Olympic swimmers swim with high elbow, in swim WEST we try to lift the elbow as high as our flexibility level allows us and a little less in order to reduce stress form the neck

4.The depth of the glide: Olympic swimmers stretch their hand as close as possible to the water line, in WEST swimming technique we stretch the hand or in 20 cm if we are very flexible, 35 if we are medium and very deep if our flexibility is low, by that we can glide longer without any pressure for the lower back neck and shoulders.

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In swim WEST there are 20 differences between other swimming techniques in the world, in order to learn more and get a 50% off coupon  for your first online course fill in the WEST swimming technique questionnaire and get your swimming course in the next 24 hours to your mail>>>

WEST swimming makes it easier on the neck, prevents injuries and allows swimming for a longer distances.
We have no doubt that Michael Phelps did not imitate swim WEST , but surely and slowly the world is adapting the main principles of looseness. It might be too slow, not taking into consideration 21st century lifestyle changes. In our current era, about 70% of the population suffers from neck and back problems, as a direct result of our lifestyle. Seems like it is going to take the world an additional 20 years to fully understand WEST benefits, qualities and its contribution to our quality of life. But you guys, new members of WEST swimming class will understand and enjoy its benefits as soon as today.

Some people say it’s best to train with a group and they are 100% right!! but what if you have pain in your lower back or you really want to work on your swimming technique?

Is it possible to learn and improve your swimming techniques while swimming fast? is it possible to treat pains when swimming fast?

Swim WEST “Learn swimming online program” takes you step by step in order to live a pain free life.

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