Founder and owner of Water World and WEST swimming technique.

Ori is The National Israeli open water coach and an Expert in Hydrotherapy

Ori has over 30 years of experience as a professional swimmer, a qualified HydroTherapist, swimming coach, toddlers’ swimming instructor, Watzu, Jahara and Shiatsuori-sela

therapist, triathlon coach, open water coach, therapeutic swimming instructor, pregnancy swimming coach and holds a BA in business & marketing from IDC, Herzliya.

Works daily with thousands of people of all ages, toddlers, children, adults, and elderly, some of which are recovering from CVA or accidents and suffer from lower back or neck pain, or others who are fighting a fear of water, and Ori teaches them the right way to swim.

Today, “Water World” is one of the largest and most professional swimming and hydrotherapy clubs in the world, with over 140 coaches,  and therapists working in the water, believing in the water and the strength it can give.

100,000 +swimmers in 160 countries treated their lower back.

He’s coached, swam and claimed the World  record with 5 of his friends in the longest relay open water swim, from Cyprus to Israel and swam with his team 377 km, in order to raise the awareness on the issue of sea pollution in the Mediterranean (in association with Zalul NGO).


The Dream – to teach and heal millions of people who suffer from lower back pain all around the world with the WEST (Water World Swimming Therapy ) swimming technique and all online.


Ori coached and swam with his team in the saltiest and lowest sea in the world “the Dead Sea” 28 swimmers from 8 countries swam and risked their lives in order to help raise awareness and saving nature when they swam form Jordan to Israel 17 km

In Addition – Ori gives consultations on building and operating swimming pools.

Ori talked about “The Power Of The Sea” in TEDx Nicosia and told his story as a problematic child until breaking a world record.

Lectures –

1.”How to LOVE your ADHD” – Some time we have a DISORDER the D from the ADHD, how do we make our weaknesses to an advantage.

Swimming is a remarkable way to deal with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Ori tells his own personal stories, also teaches how the wonders of the water will help children and adults as one, with their difficulties, push them forward in all activities in life.

2.”The Power of Failure” – Breaking down and then breaking the World Record.

Ori talks about his personal breaking down experiences throughout his life, and how they affected on him, and made him who he is today.


In the picture Tami Ori’s wife and their 2 “swimmers” Tom & Libby

Ori is married to Tami and a father of 4, Tom, Libby, Dean, & Reef.


Ori Loves people, the water, the sea and he is here in this world to help people all over the world to live a better and pain free life.

[email protected]

Ori is the Head coach, owner & professional manager of Water World Academy which is the leading academy for teaching instructors, coaches and therapists.

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