Open water train a week before women’s triathlon

Every year the strongest open water swimmers and WEST coaches help this beautiful event “Women’s Triathlon” The slogan every Woman a winner is not just a slogan it is a way of life, just sport and you will be a winner. For most women the sea part is very hard, WEST team train dozens of […]

Why do people swim on the snow?

Coach Ori Sela took Avishag Turek (Marathon swimmer) and Ilanit Yurman(The one leg swimmer) to swim on the snow, both of them never swam in less then 15 degrees. Walking on the snow, swimming,relaxing and even doing a competition down hill is to understand how the body reacts to cold but especially how to worm […]

Masters swimming winter competitions 2016

200 swimmers from all over Israel came to Ashdot Yaakov swimming pool near the Sea of galilee. WEST and Water World swimmers took more than 100 medals. One of the top swimmers and WEST swimming technique coach was Ayelet Nagli (45 years old)who broke 3 national masters records when she swam 200(2:23) 400(4:57) & 800 […]

Crocodile island swim 2015

  Sometimes an open water competition is not a normal swimming competition, Crocodile swim is like paradise, passing the beautiful 4 island and lots of fish and marina life on the way. 800 swimmers, lots of kids and beautiful faces coming out of the water.

Tel Aviv open water swim Port2Port

One a the biggest events in open water is Port2port open water competition from Jaffa ( Charles Clor beach) to Tel Aviv. One way 4.5 k, no need to navigate just to swim strait and enjoy Tel Aviv most beautiful beaches.

Masters training camp Shaar Golan 2015

More than 100 swimmers came to Shaar Golan for swimming but especially to have fun, meet people, learn about the WEST swimming technique. Some people think swimming is boring, We create this amazing atmosphere in order for people to learn about what they are doing and why in these swimming workouts, and to make swimming […]

Women’s triathlon 2015

Once a year thousands of girls and women compete in the biggest triathlon and biggest event of the year, WEST swimmers and WEST swimming technique coaches help them on their swim.

Bikury yam open water 10k swim

More than 500 swimmers swam in Bikury yam swim, that was held in “The water holiday” and is one of the biggest 10k open water swims in the Mediterranean sea.

Flotilla open water training camp 2015

Flotilla open water training camp 2015

22 swimmers from all over the world came to paradise, the Ionian sea in Greece is one of the most beautiful places on earth for open water swimmer, part of training was using the WEST swimming technique in order to swim faster in long distances.

swimming in the sea

High waves gliding and feeling the strong sea

When training in open water for long distance swims or Marathon swims it is important to practice in all conditions such as high waves, One of the hardest but most important thing is to swim WEST, loose and glide as if there are no waves at all. Avishag Turek, Guy Coen and coach Ori Sela […]

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