Masters swimming workouts 5- Control the pace of 100 freestyle

Before you learn to swim freestyle fast it is important to work on your swimming technique.

The problam in masters swimming and sprints is, that sometimes it’s very dangerous for the shoulder, neck & lower back.

So how should we improve our speed in 100 m freestyle or breaststroke without hearting our body?

In this West swimming masters program we will improve our speed and all the time we will work on elongating our mucles and loosening our muscles on the way.

NumberThe drillAdditional explanations
1300 freestyle, every 4th lap different style.
200 kicking hands in arrow.
28X25 I.E.A.S
4 times in freestyle, 4 in different style.
I- increasing pace
E- explosive- blast yourself for 7 m and then 18 m slow
A- all out , in all the 25 m.
S- slow 25 m
38X100 m every 4X100 change style and do the same exerscise in different style (first freestyle 2nd change stroke)1st 100- 25 allout+75 slow
2nd 100- 50 allout+ 50 slow
3rd 100- 75 allout+25 slow
4th- 100 m allout
50 slow and again different stroke.
30 sec rest between each 100
43X200 slow breathe every 5 strokes
30 sec rest after each 200
50 allout+ 150 slow
in the allout look at your time.
between each 200 rest 1 min
6150 slow
and then 100 m all out or in freestyle or in a different stroke
7300 m with fins
every time you push the wall make 6 dolphin kicks
At the end 10 min stretchings





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