Free Masters swimming workouts # 14- Breaststroke technique and continuity in freestyle

In this swimming workout you will learn how to use the breaststroke and strengthen your muscles without causing pain to your lower back.

When swimming breaststroke,in one hand , the stroke works on 240 muscles in our body, (more than all other strokes) but on the other hand ,when we are 20 years old+ you can cause pain to your lower back and neck.

In this master swimming workout we will learn to swim breaststroke with freestyle and by that we can strengthen our muscles and loosen them at the same time with elongating our WEST swimming technique muscles.



NumberThe drillAdditional explanations
1400 freestyle, every 4th lap breaststrokeWhen swimming breaststroke try to glide 3 seconds
50- breaststroke swimming technique+100 freestyle
In the 1st 25 you swim only with your hands in breaststroke( legs closed)without breathing, 2nd lap- only legs breaststroke and 100 freestyle
*between each 150m rest 30 sec
36X50 breaststroke with fins1st 25 m hands breaststroke, legs dolphin. second lap freestyle
450 slow
54X300, starting with breaststroke fast and adding each 300 another lap of breaststroke1st 300- 25 breaststroke
2nd 300- 50 breaststroke and continue freestyle
3rd- 75 breaststroke
4th- 100 breaststroke all out- see the time and continue freestyle in 75%
6400 freestyle with fins breathing every 5 strokes
710 min stretchings

You can improve your breaststroke swimming technique in this article>>

But before swimming breaststroke it is always recommended to improve and work some more on your freestyle swimming technique.

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