Masters swimming workouts #12- change leader for open water.

Why is changing leader in swimming WEST so important?

Most people don’t know how to swap leader without losing so much energy in open water and when swimming in the pool, why does it happen? Because they just speed up, pass the swimmer and they don’t thinks about what’s happening to the body or our pulse after passing a swimmer

Before we start: 3 tips for swapping leader between swimmers in open water and when practicing in the pool.

1. Pulse down- means, we need to glide as much as possible, head down, count strokes a lap before, and only when our pulse is down, start passing the swimmer.

2. The swap- “you are not alone in this world”, learning how to pass a swimmer in the pool is the best  swimming exercise for the sea, you should look front before you pass, swim faster but with gliding, which means, don’t danger a friend that is swimming in front of you ( you are not alone)

**when learning how to swim in open water it is important to swim exactly like practicing in the pool.

3. After passing, glide- glide and count strokes, some swimmers forget they have to cool down a little (don’t think about escaping the swimmer).

**The pulse goes high if you want it or not but the question is how high?

**In this swimming workout when working in pairs second swimmer passes the first swimmer and becomes first, when working in threesome the first 2 are swapping and the third swimmer stays all the drill third(it is possible to swap places between each set)

NumberThe drillAdditional explanations
1500 m freestlecount strokes every 4th lap swim faster and increase 4 strokes for lap(25 m, if you swim in yards increase 3 strokes)
26X100 freestyle 15 seconds rest after each 100.First lap 85% second lap 65% reduce 4 strokes and stay in the same number of strokes as the 2nd lap.
*Your goal is to elongate your muscles after shortening it in the first lap.
34X100 switch leader in the third lap.your goal is to loosen your body and glide as much as possible before speeding up and passing.
4150, 200, 400}3Switch leader every 3rd and 5th lap
*3rd set with buoy and paddles.
150- rest 15, 200 rest 20, 400- rest 30 sec
5100 backstroke slow
63X200 increasing paceThis time the faster swimmer is 2nd and he can pass when ever he wants, your goal is to increase pace as a pairs in each 200 m.
7100 slow, 5 min stretching


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