Masters swimming workout 1- for open water & triathlon, the first 50m

Some swimmers don’t know how to continue after swimming very fast with very high pulse.

Your goal is to know how to swim fast but after a 50 or a 100 m to glide and enjoy your long distance swim.


NumberThe drillAdditional explanations
1400 Freestyle
Every 4th lap swim fast
2200 kicking with kicking board Every 4th lap swim fast
34X50 increasing paceFirst one slow .....last one 90%(not all out)
44X200 freestyle, first 50 fast.
*in the end 50 back stroke slow
after the 50, you check your time, your goal is to swim exactly like the last 50m from the previous exercise.
Between each 200 m rest 30 sec.
54X200 freestyle, first 50 m swim fast and continue in your 75% aerobic pace
in the end 50 breaststroke
Your goal is to swim 1 sec faster than the previous exercise ( in the first 50 m.
64X50 freestyle
send of time of 1:30, 95%
your goal is to swim 2 sec faster than the first 50 m from your previous exercise.
7200 freestyle with fins slowly breathing every 5 strokes

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