Masters swimming workout- 8 – Hypoxia & increasing pace in 200

In this masters workout we will learn how to control our pace in 200 m after we are out of air?

Is it possible? yes, Is it very hard? yes, can you succeed? We hope you will tell us at the end.


NumberThe drillAdditional explanations
1300 freestyle, every 4th lap, breathe every 5 strokes
24X25 m diving in breaststrokeIf you run out of air you are allowed to breathe.
34X50 20 sec restIn the middle of each lap you do a full flip and in the end a freestyle turn.
43X200 increasing pace, 30 sec rest.Your goal is to swim at the same number of strokes in all 3X200 even in the fast one.
50 breathe every 9 strokes
100 breathe every 5 strokes
200 breathe as you like
Freestyle turn=2 strokes.

20-30 sec after each swim, 1 min rest after each set.
your goal is to swim all the 200 in an increasing pace.
6200 Dolphin with finsBreathe every 7 kicks
710 min stretching

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