Masters swimming workouts 7- Hypoxia and increasing pace in 100 m freestyle

In this swimming workout you will learn how to control your pace without Air, why is so good for your swimming?

*read the article in WEST swimming about ADHD

Hypoxia swimming drills will help us swim have more air when we are out of air, And why is it so important for our lower back?

When our body and muscles are oxidized faster or we are out of air, we make mistakes and we forget about swimming WEST and elongating our stoke especially at the end of the stroke, which can treat or hurt your lower back .

This swimming exercise(with some changes ) I got from my good friend Alon Mandel  (Alon trained and swam with Michael Phelps in Michigan)

NumberThe drillAdditional explanations
1300 freestyle +200 legs+200 paddles + 200 under water dolphin with fins
25X100 controlling pace1- 100 m 75% breathing every 3 and 2nd 100 65% breathing every 5 strokes.
15 sec rest between each 100
350 slow+ 2 min stretching
600=breathe 3,5X100=75%
500=breathe every 5, 4X100 , 2 sec faster than the 5X100
400 breathe every 5, 3X00, 4 sec faster than your aerobic pace(75%)
300 breathe every 7 (swim slow) 2X100 , 6 sec faster than your aerobic pace. 200 m breathe every 7, 100 , 8 sec faster than your aerobic pace
100 breathe every 9 strokes.
**2 important elements:
1. the longer distance is 65%-70% breathing hypoxia
the 100 breathing normally.
2. all the 100 are in the same send of time +-15 sec rest.
5300 slow with fins
6100 backstroke
710 min stretching



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