Masters swimming workouts 10- Control pace of 400 m.

One of the most important thing in swimming 400 m, is to know the time you are going to swim before swimming it, How is it done?

In WEST swimming we understand that our body is a little different each day, How is that even possible? Some times we are tired, stressed, strong, our body “Today” will influence on our flexibility and on our speed.

In order to know exactly how we are going to swim a 400 m freestyle, we need to control different distances in different pace.

In this workout you will know your time before even swimming.


NumberThe drillAdditional explanations
18X100 freestyle20 seconds rest between each 100
First 4X100 swim slow and count your strokes in the 4th lap
2nd 4X100, increase pace in each 100 ( 2 seconds faster in each
24X100 freestyle with fins every lap increase 1 dolphin kick.20-30 sec rest between each 100
first 25 , 5 dolphin kicks.... to 8 dolphin kicks.
after the dolphin kicks continue freestyle.
32X200+ 75%
4X100- 85%
2X200- 85%
between each set of 400 m rest 1 min
100- rest 15 sec
200 rest 2-30 sec
your goal is to try to know exactly your time in the 2 times 400( in the middle and the end)
4100 slow
53X400 with pull buoy and paddles ,increasing pace 1-3
6200 dolphin with fins
7100 freestyle slow
7 min stretching.

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