Masters swimming workouts #13- Accordion 100 m

Why is accordion so important in swimming, in order to control your swimming technique while swimming fast.

Most masters simmers say they can swim fast but can’t swim slow or in other words they can swim slow but don’t know how to control their swimming pace in 55%, 60%….. in the accordion WEST swimming workout we will learn how to elongate our muscles while controlling our slow and fast swim.

The accordion will open and close back to your average pace and without even noticing it, you will swim faster without splashing  and hitting the water.

**Your goal is to try to open the accordion in swimming fast but more importantly is swimming slow.

** If you see you are not sure about your average 100 ( in 25 seconds rest) do the first 4X100 again.

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NumberThe drillAdditional explanations
1200 freestyle breathe every 5 strokes
23X100 legs20 seconds rest after each 100
34X100freestyle control your pase in 100 75%, 25 seconds restThis drill is going to organize all of your swimming workout.
If you swim at an average pace of 1.20 your send of time in all the sets would be 1.45.
**don't swim fast and not slow swim in your average pace of 100 m(just so you know your average pace in 100 when resting 10 seconds is different than resting 25)
44X100 accordion 5
4X100 accordion 7
4X100 accordion 10
The example is for the 4X100, the other sets are the same just the accordion opens a bit more.
1st 100 average pace like the previous exercise, 2nd 5 faster 3rd 5 min slower(slower than the average not from the 2nd) 4th 100 back to average.
Between each set 1 min rest.
54X100 accordion 13
64X100 accordion 15 with bouy and paddlesYour average pace with paddles is 3sec faster
7300 dolphin with fins, breathe every 7 kicks5 min stretchings

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