Masters swimming training 3- Control your pace in 200 freestyle

Many swimmers don’t know how to control their pace in 200 m freestyle, they feel they are out of air, but what they don’t know is that they doggie paddle witch means they swim sometimes more than 10 strokes for 25 m.

swimming 30% more strokes would get you oxidized much faster and in the end your time will be much slower.

In this exercise you will learn to control your pace, your number of strokes and  to swim faster.

NumberThe drillAdditional explanations
1300 freestyle Breathing 3, 5, 7
every lap start from the beginning (start from 3)
22X(4X50) freestyle
first set exact same time and strokes
2nd set first lap fast 2nd lap 4 strokes les that first lap.
In the first 4X50 you will swim slow and try to control the same number of strokes
and in the second set , first lap is fast (+4 strokes) and second lap is the same number of strokes like the first 4X50.
**15sec between each 50 m.
34X200 freestyle every 200 a different all out 50 mIn the first 200 m the fast 50 is the first 50m +150 in 75% pace......last 200 m is the 150 in 75%+50 all out.
*25sec between each 200
*Your goal is to try to count the number of strokes in the 25m after the fast 50 m, and try to swim it like the first exercise(as less as possible)
44X100 hypoxia
20 sec rest between each 100
first 100 breathe every 3 strokes and second 100 every 5 stroke.
in the 5 stokes swim at a pace of 65% and on the 3 strokes breathing swim 85%
5100 slow
200 freestyle allout
It is important to know your time in 200 freestyle.
your goal in to count strokes in the first and last 50m.
6300 kicking with a kicking board- "social kicking"
4X200 paddles and pull buoy.
7200 back stroke slow with fins

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