Masters swimming workout 2 -Learn to control the pace of 200 Medley

In this workout you won’t feel good with your time in 200 medley but you will know how to control your pace.

In the end you will measure your time in 200 Medley, you will feel tired but very good, It is recommended to do this work out 2 more times(not in the same week) to really understand and control your pace and speed.


NumberThe drillAdditional explanations
1400 Freestyle
Every 4th lap swim butterfly
2300 kicking+
200 medley+
100 breaststroke
36X100 every first lap different stroke
butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke & again..
*At the end 50 slow
15-20 sec rest between each 100 m
100 freestyle and 100 medley
*At the end 50 slow
The medley is very fast 90% & the freestyle slow.
*20sec rest between each 100 m.
first 100 freestyle second medley
**exact exercise but...
*at the end 50 slow
This time the opposite way
freestyle slow and medley fast
64X50 medley order 1:30 very fast
50 slow
200 medley 90%
7200 one hand butterfly with finsevery stoke glide 3 sec. and change hands every stroke

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