WEST swim Clinic- Lesson 7+8- the Holy Triangle

Lessons number 7+8 – “The holy WEST triangle”


Holy triangle of WEST swimming technique

Once you are aware of these three parameters you can start to improve, because you have a goal.

When you’ve finished your 25m swim, you take your pulse for 10 seconds, holding two fingers to your neck. You want to work on keeping a low pulse. That is up to 22 heartbeats per 10 seconds (132 per minute). If you are over 45 years old – up to 21.

If you swim over the lower aerobic range (65%) you will oxygenize your muscles and won’t be able to elongate your stroke.

So when you swim 25m, you count your strokes along the way. When you reach the wall, first you look at the clock to see how long it took you, and then you take your pulse.

To get your results for a 100m swim, the number of strokes will increase a little bit (1 stroke) and your time will be *4+ (10 to 30 seconds). If you swim 100m, you count strokes in the first and last pool, and take your pulse when your done.



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