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WEST swimming courses are amazing for 3 mane reasons:

1. We look at each swimmers as if he or here, have a herniated disk and pain in their lower back & neck, even if you don’t have any pain at all.

By loosening the neck we reduce the level of stress form life and by loosening and treating our lower back we take care of the center of our body- It’s like building our unique body shock observer to life.

2. When swimming loose, and protecting the neck and lower back we swim faster and learn in a much easier and less painful way.

3. For once in our lifetime we don’t need to think, WEST coaches did all the thinking for you.



1. Have lower back pain and don’t know how to swim(or know how to swim but the pain is unbearable)

lower back pain

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**In this course you are going to learn how to swim 200 m freestyle, you will learn to swim in WEST technique, the swimming technique that will elongate your muscles and protect your lower back.

2. Learn to swim freestyle course- amazing swimming course for triathletes, marathon runners or people who want’s to learn how to swim but don’t have lower back pain.

In this course you will learn to swim 200 m, loosen your lower back, learn to breathe every 3 strokes, elongate your muscles and much more…

learn freestyle

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3. Improve you swimming – Learn to swim swim from 200-1000 m in WEST swimming technique

In this course you will learn about pulse, to elongate your muscles, learn how to control your swimming pace to increase your pace in swimming and with the amazing swimming workouts you will improve your swimming technique more ans more.

improve swimming

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4. Improve you swimming for advanced swimmers, for swimmers that know how to swim 1000 m freestyle

This course is amazing for triathletes,open water swimmers, athletes that have lower back pain, swimmers who feel they don’t have air, swimmers who want to improve their swimming technique, swimmers who really want to enjoy swimming faster with muck less effort.

swim faster


**the course will work on your swimming technique, so you will swim much easier for longer distances.

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5. Learn to swim butterfly, You dreamed to swim butterfly but thought it’s impossible?

In this course you will learn  how to swim butterfly, not like Olympian swimmers, like you should swim, yes it is possible at all ages!!

swim buttterfly

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**WEST swimming technique elongates your muscles with your improvement, the swimming workouts are very easy to understand and the amazing thing is you don’t have to think, we did the thinking for you.


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