5 Tips to reduce stress from life

5 tips to reduce stress from life

You probably know that life can be very stressful, marriage, kids, work, and the changes in life, cause tension and stress to the shoulders, the neck and especially lower back.

So I’m going to give you 5 swimming tips that will help you release stress from your daily life:

  1. The head – when you swim, you have to think about neutral position, not to look too down or too up, just be neutral, same as if you would be looking up all throughout the day, you would feel the stress and pain in your shoulders, so you keep your head neutral position, do it while swimming as well.
  2. Palm – when you swim, try swim with your palm opened and lose, when it’s lose, even if you grab less water during the pull, you will feel amazing in your shoulders and neck because you won’t have any pressure, and when you move and rotate your shoulders from the front to the back this rotation of the shoulders releases the stress all over your body.
  3. Glide slowly – when you glide fast, the body stops you because it doesn’t want you to rip your muscles and tendons, and when you glide slowly, you elongate the muscles which will let you float better and swim easier.
  4. Stretching – don’t forget to stretch 5-7 minutes every time, even if it is taken off of your swimming time, this will elongate and relax the muscles back so the next day you will more relaxed and pain free. Next time you will be able to work even harder and improve your swimming.
  5. Get it in your diary –write down the training that you need to do, whether it is twice, 3 times or 4 times a week, and that’s for you, not your family, your boss – anyone, solely for you. And when you make this part of your schedule, call it “My time”, your time to swim, this is the time you are going to change your life to a better and healthier one. When you see this popping up on your diary, it will make you smile, because you know that this is what is going to make you feel great.

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