Andi Murez talking to Ori Sela About her swimming technique & Rio Olympics

Andi Murez the fastest Israeli swimmers talking about her swimming technique, her dream to be in Rio 2016 Olympics and what she needs to do in order to swim faster then 54 sec in 100 freestyle.

1. Andi murez and Ori Sela, things about swimming drills, swimming workouts and the journey to the Olympics.

Questions swimmers asked Andi about her swimming technique , life and swimming:

1.When did you first understood you love swimming?

When I started going to practice every day. It quickly became rewarding and fun to practice with my friends.  That’s when my love for the sport began.

2. How many calories do you eat a day? And do you like hamburgers? ( If yes what’s your favored?

I don’t know how many calories I eat.  I just try to eat a healthy, well-balanced meal.  I do like hamburgers.  I love avocado, so anything with avocado is great.

3.What’s the swimming drill you like the most?

I like swimming regular freestyle but slow.  I try to make it as efficient as possible, but also as relaxing as possible. Haha.

4.What are you afraid of?

One of the things I’m afraid of is finding something after swimming that I am just as passionate about and find as fulfilling to pursue as a career.

5.What do you think to need to improve in your swimming technique in order to swim faster than 25 in 50 freestyle and under 54 in 100 freestyle?

By the end of a swimming technique session with Leonid, we’ve normally find tuned my stroke to where we want it to be. The problem then is being able to hold that stroke every time I swim thereafter.

6.What other sports do you like besides swimming?

I’ve always loved gymnastics, but also always knew I was too big.  I really like ultimate frisbee and used to play in high school with friends once a week.


7.You fulfilled your dream to swim in the Olympics, If everything is possible what is the time you dream of in 100 freestyle?

I don’t really dream of a time, but just want to continue training and see how fast I can go.  Under 54 would be really good…53.5 would be awesome.

8.Can you give me 3 swimming tips for young swimmers?

First of all, have fun with the sport. It’s too demanding to not find it enjoyable.  Also, I think creating a good relationship with your coach is important. Respecting your coach and trusting him/her is also very important.

9.What was the happiest day in your life?

No one day strikes me as the happiest day of my life.  I have so many great memories, especially from swimming with the amazing people I have met through the sport over the years.


10. When did you first cry after a competition?

Not sure when I first cried, but there was one competition when I was 13 and supposed to make the final in the 100 free for the first time at the big age group championship.  I forgot to sign in (something you have to do at large southern california meets), disqualifying me from the event.  I still remember crying on my way home with my mom.  I also remember a few times in high school and college when I cried in my goggles during practice because I was having a bad day and the practice was really difficult.

Andi we wish you all the best in swimming, in Israel and in the Olympics

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