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Paralyzing back pain? Before you go under the knife, know that there is a non-surgical solution!

No-one but those who suffer will understand

Paralyzing pain, pain that you want to die, pain that makes you depressed.

Pain that harms relationships, pain that you can’t function as a parent, pain that makes you angry.

Pain that you simply can’t describe.

Pain that makes it impossible to think of anything but the pain itself.

Pain that changes you, that harms everything around you – the negative impact being larger than the pain itself.

There was no place I haven’t been

I went to acupuncture, I did cupping glass, I bought a B-Cure Laser that absolutely nothing, medication, ARKOXIA, even marijuana (that gave me nightmares), everything you can imagine I did it, except for surgery.


My name is Ido,

Without even the slightest exaggeration, I’ve gone through every single thing on the above list.

I couldn’t walk with my son on weekends, I couldn’t sit in business meetings and concentrate, not even beginning to mention the impact on my relationship, I’m only talking about trying to keep sane and getting back to some type of routine. In every aspect it’s difficult, it’s simply not a way to live.

If you are suffering like I suffered, I have some good news that will require work but it’s still good news!

I have two striking conclusions

Before I explain, I can say that today I am functioning at 100%. Yes, I changed habits, I changed how I sit, I bought a better mattress, I am more active etc., but overall I am back to 100% complete and intact.

If you are reading this now with pain, I am sure that you can’t even imagine it’s possible? I, too, couldn’t imagine that I would even be able to perform the most simple activity like cutting salad.

Then I got to Olam Hamayim, amd met Ori for hydrotherapy treatment

The very first thing that Ori said to me wasn’t even about my back, he spoke about: “neutralizing external pressures” – for me to look inward, examine the soul, examine stressful business dealings, check everything around me, and each time he gave me homework. There was new homework (not relating to my back) each time we met as part of the hydrotherapy treatment.

Then came treatment

I began with hydrotherapy treatment (that even at the beginning I felt a lot of pain). At this stage I couldn’t swim due to the pain (I used to swim competitively), and because of the specific weight of the water I managed only to walk back and forth in the pool. Heat and hydrotherapy treatments, nothing beyond that – only the water was able to get me back to some kind of normality.

Not long after I began swimming with the WEST method

WEST (Water Word Swimming Therapy) is a swimming method designed to treat back pain. Instead of teaching “one method”, WEST deals with the nature and body of man. It takes your individual body and matches its needs with the appropriate swimming technique.

The nature of the method is its design and intention for back pain

There was no instant magic that’s clear, but the end result is indeed a wonder of wonders – magic! Slowly I felt an improvement, first and foremost that this is the only thing that does me some good and slowly I managed to do more and more in the pool.

Following the WEST method meant that I stopped worrying that I would get hurt, that swimming won’t be painful anymore, and each time I improved more and more.

It was never my intention to become the next Michael Phelps; anyone who suffers from such pain just wants to get back to normal routine living. To go back to doing basic things like standing while cutting salad

It is a true wonder of wonders to be able to go back to doing such simple things like standing and preparing salad.

I have two striking conclusions –

The first, everything is connected, and nothing is isolated – the body, soul, relationship pressures, it’s all connected.

The second conclusion is that we need physical activity every day, and the best activity, the biggest blessing, the most effective and safest is the WEST swimming method.

It is impossible to describe the joy in getting back to routine, just simple day-to-day routine 🙂

I’m already swimming in open water 🙂

swimming for back pain

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