“Ben galim” hostel project

The project goal is to help teenagers in rehabilitation get back on track through sport.

Those teenagers’ background is a low socio-economic status, lots of back to back failures and rejections by many programs. Some behave the way they do due to the environment they grew up in, ending up being violent criminals. They have much to deal with, such as knowing how to release their aggression.

This is where “Olam Hahesed” volunteers association and “Water World” get in the picture. They established the “Feeling water” project together, which suppose to teach youth at an early stage how to swim, and how to cope with challenges such as jumping off a yacht, swimming at the ocean and reaching the shore.

A bit about the ocean- the ocean is a strong and energetic power of nature. On the other hand the ocean can be brutal, dangerous and full of surprises. Swimming 1.5 kilometer at the ocean requires physical and mental strength, consistency, good technique which enables you to breathe correctly, rest as you swim, cruise, and unite with the ocean and the waves. That’s the only way to make it though the challenge. margishim

Over a 6 months period, the teenagers arrive at “Water World” Glilot pool once a week, to attend the program, which is on the one hand very creative, involving lots of games and stimulations, and on the other hand is strict, introducing technique and discipline. The program tries not only to encourage youth to swim, but to make them really want to show up at the pool so they can reach their goals such as getting ripped and elongating a healthy body, just like swimming allows you to.

They also learn how to float, stay persisted at long distances and reach their goals. All of which will surely come handy later on when they need to cope with life obstacles and difficulties, and not though violence, but through the gentleness swimming teaches them. Actually those who will be aggressive with the ocean, trying to swim faster or hit the water will have hard time succeeding. Cruising, gentleness and many other physical-mental elements will help them reach the goal of swimming in the ocean.

The swim starts with sailing 1.5 kilometer away from the beach, then jumping in the water, swimming back and reaching the shore. At the end the teenagers will get a medal, a certificate and some hand outs (T-shirts, caps and goggles) and the most important thing-  they will remember this experience though-out their lives, which will allow them to know how self fulfillment and success feel.

Our goal at “Water wold” and “Olam Haesed” is to reach out to every single teenager from all over the country and make them adapt sport as their new lifestyle, which will not only help them on the spot, but through-out their lives coping with whatever challenges life throws at them.

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