Cut off by Ilanit Yurman- I am a sea turtle and I’m proud

Cut Off


I’m a sea turtle 🙂



and slow.(If you don’t understand my open water swim it’s 2:36 hours for 4.7k )
I’m so slow. Most of you will say that’s because I’ve got only one leg.
Well, even competing to other amputees, I’m very slow.
I’m only swimming for  2 years, but I am getting better and better. As of now, I’m still far behind, and not even   close to the pace of my friends.

And yet, it doesn’t avoid me from participating in all the swimming events.


Every event got his organizing committee or event’s manager. They work under the assumption that time is money. In a triathlon it’s a road that is block so we could ride on, in an open water event there are people waiting for me to finish so everyone can go home.

They put in front of my eyes the dreadful “cut off” – a time limit – maximum time in which all the participants must finish – or…

-if i don’t get out of the water before the cut off time  asdeclared – I will have to finish swimming pulled out and sent to the beach on a motor boat.


I want to be on time, I really do.

And I don’t want to be the one who is still swimming after everyone is making “Facebook moments” , relaxing eating and mingling on the beach.

If they let me start before the formal leap its easier. If I’m not the only one who lags behind it’s even better.

What if I wish to swim the Marathon – 10K?


I will have to make my own event with “house rules”. An event in which I will be able to swim at my pace and it will be alright.

I’ll find a way. Trust me.I will learn to swim freestyle faster, work more on my swimming technique swim in open water……..
Photo 01-02-15, 13 40 23 (1)

In the meantime – tomorrow – 5 Km, I have an impossible “cut off” time.

I sure hope I will make it.

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