The Doctor tells you to “Rest” what should you do?

The Doctor told you to rest – what should you do?

*The Doctor in the photo will never tell you to rest 🙂

The most important thing to understand is that the same way we need sleep to continue our life, and we need food for our energy, we also need to do aerobic exercise at least twice a week to take care of our body.

But what happens if we hurt ourselves, if we feel back pain, if we hurt ourselves during skiing? Maybe broke something. Doctors often tell us we need to rest, and in this case, what you need to do is to ask your physician is – what you CAN do. If you suffer from pain in your ankle and can’t run, there are still many things you can do instead of resting. Many people gain weight after injuries because they rest, and they feel bad, and depressed and it makes life harder. So never rest, even if the doctor tells you to. You can still do many things to keep your body moving.

Every time the doctor tells you to rest, then let your injury rest but work with your other muscles, you have many muscles in your body that you can use, while letting your injury heal and at the same time keep your body in motion. Swimming is a great solution for keeping your body fit even if you are injured. If you hurt your ankle, you can swim with both hands without moving your legs, if you have a problem with your shoulder, you can swim with 1 hand, and with your legs.

I want to tell you a short story of a friend of mine. She was a good swimmer and during pregnancy she gained almost 20 kg. After she gave birth, she managed to lose all the extra weight, but she broke her finger. The doctors told her to rest until her finger is healed. She cried and felt really bad. I told her to swim with 1 hand and with her legs. After a month and a half, she felt happy and worked on her legs, and became so fast with her legs that she made her best time thanks to the work she had put in. So not only she didn’t gain weight during this time, she wasn’t depressed, and as a bonus she was swimming faster.

Meaning – if you have pain or if you’re injured , don’t stop moving your body, use your “available” muscles, and maybe you’ll even become faster and better and if the doctor tells you “No, don’t listen to Ori, or to WEST swimming technique, you need to rest”!!!, when your doctor tells you that, you know it’s time to change your doctor J.

When having pain or after injury that’s the best time to work on things you didn’t have time to work on, and that’s a perfect time to work on your swimming techniques and to learn swimming online in one of the swim WEST online programs.


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