Freestyle turn in WEST swimming technique

Free style turn in 6 steps
WEST swimming technique

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The free style flip is used in order to swim faster but the big question is: Should we do the freestyle turn like Olympian swimmers? The answer is divided to 2:
1. Yes, we should see Micheal Phelps and Ryan Lochte in all angles in the turn and

2. No, not everything they do is right for us.

Watch Ian Thorpe freestyle turn

When looking at Ryan Lochte and Ian Thorpe you can see many great things in their turn but:
Can we put our legs on the wall in 90 degrees, toes up to the sky?
What happens afterwards with the extortion of the body, what happens to the lower back and knees when pushing strong?
Is it good for us to do a 6-9 dolphin kick after the turn?

So what should we imitate and what should we be afraid of?
If you did the freestyle West Online program, you will understand that the 2 most important elements in your body are the lower back and neck.
To better understand the steps we need to know why don’t people do the flip in the water? Most people say the exact same thing: “I don’t have enough oxygen”, some say it hurts their knees, lower back or they feel vertigo.

In this exercise, you will learn how to do the freestyle flip while protecting your body.

1. Glide
2. Pull & Wait 2 sec after the pull with 2 hands touching the thigh
3. Head down slowly
4. Bubbles from the nose & knees to the belly
5. Legs on the wall in 45 degrees
6. Arrow and push

And the 2 most important things in the turn are:
1. Gliding for 2 full seconds and only afterwards lower your head down.
2. Only when the hands are in an arrow position & you look and see the direction you’re heading, only then push the wall.

In West swimming technique we let the angles of our body make the turns for us, which means we let the water touch the back of the neck and makes the flips for us and we don’t have to bring the knees to our belly in a powerful way, and by that we will have more air during the turn and our swimming will improve dramatically.

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