From surviving swimming in triathlon to swimming 21k with a big smile

O.k what can I say?

I started to focus on open water swimming last year after competing for about 30 years in all distances of triathlon. I never used to swim very well and thus hated the swim training and the swim part of triathlon just had to be “done”.


I heard about WEST Swimming and Ori after my first ow race last year -10km in 3h 37min & total exhaustion. After reading a bit about the WEST swimming technique I knew I had to improve.

I took a 10 week course and it improved me considerably! The individual programs and weekly EMAIL feedback were brilliant.

This weekend I did a 21.5km ow swim in almost 8 hours and the first 10km were 20min faster than race last year. More importantly I was not as wrecked as after previous 10km race!

Stretch, glide & relax were constantly on my mind throughout the 8 hours and resulted in a fantastic experience.


I can strongly recommend WEST swimming online courses and thank Ori. I will for sure sign up for a new course.




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