Guy Cohen 24 hours non- stop open water swim from the heart challenge

April 2, 2016

Guy Cohen, My 24 hour “Swim-From-The Heart” Challenge:

It is now less than 2 months away from the swim date. The mileage is piling up and workout time is increasing. In March I have swum a total of 170 km (106 miles) most of it open water swims. My longest single swim distance in March was 22 k’ / 7 hours. In April I will reach 225 k’ (140 miles), longest swim will be an overnight 40 k’ swim (25 miles).

Last week was the first time I felt my shoulders, I knew I need to swim WEST and work on my swimming technique especially in long distances.

Since two weeks ago the word has spread around like a “Bush Fire”. The story about my swim reached thousands of people around the country and abroad. It was completely overwhelming for me, the amount of messages from so many who want to embrace and to encourage me.

I think a lot about the cause. I am thinking a lot about Netta my daughter. She died instantly from Sudden Cardiac Death. We had no time to help her, I couldn’t save her. What if by this challenge we can help to save future loss of lives?!

On one side this is increasing the pressure: I am on a mission now, I must not disappoint all those who are following. It’s not my personal challenge anymore, it’s much bigger now. But on the other hand – it is a huge moral support. The challenge is so big, so difficult, it is enormous; I definitely need this kind of support.


On Friday morning a few dozen of swimmers, some of them I barely knew, all gathered at our beach for a swim together. We had formed a huge Heart shape of swimmers in the water, sending out a message from this wonderful community of open water swimmers: Please help us to raise up the funds which are needed to fight Sudden-Cardiac-Death, and help Rambam Hospital.

Read more about the swim>>

לב מדהים של שחיינים

Guy Cohen,

Shefayim, Israel

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