Ho no , Jelly fish !!Oded Rahav

Ho no, Jelly fish! Here are 10 facts about jellyfish: They’ve been around for some 650 million years and they have no plans to leave They are found in every ocean and sea and even in fresh water They have no brain. This fact makes their annoying stinge even more frustrating to humans.. They are 90% water. In one case (in the Black sea) they were all over and thus contained most of the water of the sea Due to extreme overfishing there are more jellyfish around. The Box jellyfish is the deadliest. It has 500,000 harpoon shaped venom needles in each tentacle! The largest jellyfish has a diameter bell of 2.3 meters and tentacles that can reach 36 meters! The way theCyprus Israel Swim team dealt with the jellyfish was by applying Safe Sea lotion before swimminghttp://www.buysafesea.com/ Jellyfish found swimming approximately up to 200 meters from shore are probably about to die. But there tentacles are still active for two more weeks.. Avoid contact and If stung by a jellyfish best is to wash with sea water. Nothing else.

Oded rahav


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