Ilanit Yurman blog- How to continue swimming even in vacation?

Few months ago I’ve received an Email from Ori Sela, my swimming trainer.

“Try to swim 4 times a week:

Twice a week with the masters groups in Water World Center,

Once a week a long distance swim in the open water (sea),

And once a week by yourself with the new swim-west interactive program at our site

Well, I figured all I have to do is to quit my job, send the children to an orphanage house and start swimming.

6 months later, I am swimming 4-5 times a week, without quitting anything. It is just that the interactive program allows me to swim whenever I can, where ever I am, and honestly – I like it.

The thing is that it’s so easy. You watch Ori in the videos, and then you read the training program of the day, which is easy to understand but challenging to perform.

Challenging but achievable.

You print your instructions and you are done…


I was on vacations in Eilat, the Dead Sea and all over the globe , in all kind of swimming pools and seas, and I could keep on training in the west program. I was guided by the program’s team where ever I was. I kept on going with my progress.

And where ever I am I’m having the same thoughts:

How deep is 35cm, and what it means that my chin should touch my shoulder?

Since with the swim-west program, I’m much more aware of every stroke I do. Moreover, even when I’m speeding in an interval workout- my awareness is there.


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