Ilanit Yurman- Marathon swim with one leg “Monday morning”

Monday morning. On Monday – I’m in a swimming masters exercise lessonDouble

When I started my program for the 12 km swim, I multiplied most of my trainings both in open water and the pool

Just got back from an outstanding swimming camp in Eilat. “Water Worldwith Ori, Ayelet and Omer. Three of the leading open water coaches in Israel. Second time I was in that camp , so I had an opportunity to measure my progress

ilanit next to pool

I felt strong – mind and body. Unstoppable

The following week I broke my 100 m pr.

That was my state of mind in the pool on that Monday

Easy practice with long strokes. After 2:30 hours I had the feeling that I can continue for another hour. Increasing 3 times 500. The last one wasn’t easy but I made it


Ori looked at me “you mustn’t swim so much, 2 hours are enough. I’m afraid you’ll get injured“. 



Over training?


I eat, sleep, swim, Pilates, rowing and  weight lifting. I write all my workouts. I read professional articles. I consult with many experienced swimmers and coaches. I work wise. How can it be that I’m overtraining?


As I usually do, I made several phone calls, to many of my friends, and the answers where very similar- you are on a smooth line to an injury. “You’re too enthusiasts and lost contact to your body”, where some painful comments. Other where more delicate like “try to listen to Ori, he cares for you“. 

Not even one support. Who needs enemies…?


Bottom line I took an easy week, made different plans, and took more days off

I began to swim better, faster and with less pains

It’s always worthwhile to listen to your body

This week I was swimming 18 km, only 4 days, 28 minutes to km, no pain

I was swimming without a wet suit in cold water (21 deg) for over 3 hour, and felt like I could do another 3 hours.

On my way to my swimming marathon on 1 leg.

And more to come..

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