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I just love the open water swimming. Maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s the wild swimmers  which (almost) no water are too cold or too rough for them.

I’m proud to be one of them, although I’m not really equal.
But my real home is the 25m swimming pool.

Whether in my home town, or in Water World, my “day in the office” is swimming between walls, achieving personal goals, working on my swimming technique and updating my training program accordingly.
My Garmin watch is my guide, while doing my daily workout. It can be Ori or Cindy, my coaches, Or a Swim West program, or just going the distance, I never “just swim”. I always test my abilities. I set myself challenging but achievable targets and goals..

The main issue is the 100m time.

When I just came to Ori, to learn the swim WEST technique, I was swimming extremely slow. 3:15-3:30 minutes per 100 meters

I can still remember my first 2:29. I just came from my first training camp in Afikim, and the intensive swimming paid off.

Since then, I didn’t improve that result, but for a very long time it was there. 2:29.

Those figures come to me at night, smiling and teasing. Can you make it better?

Well – I cannot.

I achieved many other personal goals, but the 100m time – stuck.
And then came the big break   February 2015. Over training caused an injury in my shoulders. I was frustrated, not only no progress but even going back L
I started a new Swim West program to treat my sorrow shoulders, I learned more about my body, and came back to swim hungry as a wolf, like swimming with a knife between my teeth,
Ori had a swimming tour in San-francicsco, and he came back with a new smile..

The fire in his eyes is catchy.
Bottom line



Now, for weeks it is 2:16.


I really like the swimming pool. To measure times, to measure my progress.

I sure hope to be satisfied one day.

Because today I’m not. 2:36
Tomorrow well tomorrow  is another day.

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