Ilanit Yurman, swimming with one leg ” barbecue in the middle of the sea?”

Ilanit Yurman with another interesting blog about eating.

Open water buffet
Wednesday morning, the Mediterranean Sea, I’m on my U-turn going back as I swim to the north then to the south. I get the feeling I should “fuel up”. I open my buoy to have a gel, but instead I ate half a sandwich.
“What are you having?” I’ve been asked, “next thing you will have a bar-b-q feast in the water”
What do you eat and drink before, during, and after swimming?
As many people I’ve asked, as many different answers I got.
So, as most of us know that it’s important to have a snack just before.
But a friend once said that it makes her feel nauseous. The problem is even worse when the sea is rough or when you swim for a long time and everything tastes like salt or when it’s extremely cold.
I can only tell what works for me. And I keep on trying.
Let start at the beginning – the day (or days for really long distance swim).
A lot of water. I mean a lot. 4-5 letters. No!!! Coffee for 48 hours, since it makes your body loose liquids. Of course no sweet drinks, no soda, just plain water.
I eat normally, trying to avoid new or “problematic” foods. The night before is the pasta evening. or bread, or any low fat carbohydrates you like.
Salty food to preserve the water. Very little fibers if any.
Going to sleep early.
It’s a known fact that breakfast is the most important meal in the morning 😉
If I have 2-4 hours before swimming I’m having full but light breakfast: Eggs, cheese or Thina, some bread, water or tea.
If not. Banana, dates or bread with honey.
I drink 0.5-1 liters, not more, if I don’t wish to have too many “toilet stops” in the water.
Than 15 min before getting into water I have gel or date.
During – up to an hour- nothing.
Longer – gel or dates every 45-60 min.
After – it’s a mess since I’m starving. I can literally eat the first person I meet. So I try to have a sandwich, and a nice good meal when possible.
Now life are getting complicated, since Ori Sela, my swimming coach having his theories, and winter is on the way.
On top, since I’m training for a 11 km swimming, I’m trying to plan eating during 6 hours in the water.
I got an Email – have a sandwich instead of gel.
In the water.
You can lough if you like, but it is delicious. Just keep it in your buoy in a dry place, and have gel “just in case”.
Another thing – When it’s getting cold- you eat more, more often, and add some fat to your sandwiches like Thina.
In longer distance:
What about drinking fresh water, what do you do when you cannot eat or drink since your lips are swollen from the salty water?
I don’t know yet, but I’m sure to keep you updated
The sea snail
I swim in the mediterenioan sea, Tzuk beach in Tel Aviv water temperature 17 deg to 31 deg…

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