Ilanit Yurman my first masters competition

Few words about the amazing Masters championship:


I find myself in the beautiful olympic pool in Wingate Institution, trying to understand “what am I doing here”.

I’m surrounded by great swimmers, most of them swimming twice faster than me, and I know that I belong here, that’s my place. I’m a swimmer.



For a disable person (I’m an amputee), straggling is natural, its part of your daily life.

It wasn’t easy to make a change in my life, to find a place in my schedule for daily workout.

It was a mental change, to believe in myself, to improve constantly, to understand what it takes to do it, to update my goals accordingly.


I swim the WEST technic in Water World for about 14 month, trained by Ori Sela, Founder and owner of Water World. Ori believes in me more than I believe in myself and for him – I’m just as any other trainy. In his eyes, I have no disability.


A friend encouraged me to participate in the National Masters Championship. At first it seemed like a good joke, but here I am.


I was disappointed in the first relay – 200m freestyle, of my result, feeling that I disappointed Ori. His kind and motivating words led me to a different state of mind, And sent me to my second relay, 50 m freestyle.


I took a silver and a bronze.

I think I might do it again.

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