Keren Siebner Butterfly Israeli champion talking about ADHD, swimming and her dream.

Keren Siebner on of the most beautiful swimmers in the world, talking about the “pill” (swimming) that helped her to be a better person, helped her to deal with her problem in school, helped her concentrate because of her ADHD.

After being 12 in the European championship she is now dreaming about the Olympics in Rio.
keren Is talking about swimming technique, her butterfly, loving to swim freestyle again and much more…

Keren Siebner talking to Ori Sela about life, swimming technique …..#1

Keren Siebner answering question about swimming techniques, swimming workouts and giving swimming tips for ADHD

1.    Why did you start swimming?

I started swimming following my older sister that was already in a competitive swimming team. 

2.       When did you know you have ADHD? And how did you manage to study?

I had ADHD since I can remember myself. Was diagnosed when I was 15 as a result from difficulties at school. I was very hyperactive and had extreme difficulties concentrating. During high-school and college I learned how to manage my ADHD, with swimming and other physical activities being the main element that helped me. For me, swimming was like my Retalin. 

3.       What do you think you should change in your swimming technique in butterfly? And is it even possible?

There is always where to improve on technique, no one has a perfect stroke. For me, my main problem (in all storkes) is the position of my head especially during breathing, Streamline is very critical in swimming, in order to minimize the drag. It is definitely possible to change the swimming technique, it just takes a lot of work. 

4.       What’s your goal in swimming?

My dream is to make it to the Olympics (Rio 2016) and of course to keep improving my best time, in all strokes.

5.       What’s your 3 swimming tips for kids who have problem concentrating in school?

* Make sure to do physical activity everyday 

* When studying make sure to take many breaks- walk around/run/jump and clear your head.

* Set close goals until the next break (for example, finish one page and then you can take a break)

6.    What do you like the most in swimming?, in swimming workouts? And what do you hate?

I love being able to disconnect from the outside world and clear my head in the water.

I like working hard, finishing a hard practice and feeling accomplished.

I hate losing.

7.       Can you tell me what you like so much about “Athena” why is it so important?

Athena has done unbelievable work in the past few years with helping promote women in sports. Its work covers all, from young girls to experienced women athletes. One of Athena’s successful projects I’ve been involved in, is talks of professional women athletes with children (both those in sports and those that aren’t). These talks help with exposure of women sports, and helps the kids learn from the experience of a grown athlete. 

 8. Whats the Olympic cuts for Rio Olympics in 200 butterfly?

Olympic cuts for the 200 butterfly: A cut- 2:09:3  B cut – 2:13:8

Keren Siebner talking to Ori Sela about life, swimming technique her ADHD problem #2

Keren Siebner talking to Ori Sela about life, swimming technique, Athena #3

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