Learn to swim freestyle online in WEST swimming technique 30% off

Learn to swim freestyle in WEST swimming technique

When learning how to swim in WEST swimming technique, you will:

1. Protect your lower back and neck.

2. You will elongate your muscles, strengthen them and get more air.

3.You will understand everything because each drill has amazing videos to learn from

4. You will learn to swim much faster with no effort.

**Thousands of people join the WEST online program each month all over the world and Save thousands of dollars by swimming and not going to the doctor.

Course Description

The WEST technique was developed over 17 years ago in order to relax the body and treat neck and back problems, as well as traumatic accidents. Recently, we can see a clear trend in the athletic world of adjusting the swimming technique to one’s body shape, physical abilities and even lifestyle. The WEST swimming technique is based on those 3 factors solely, and modified to every individual with personal and specific care.

WEST swimming makes it easier on the neck, prevents injuries and allows
swimming for longer distances.

In the current era, about 70% of the population suffers from neck and back
problems as a direct result of our lifestyle. Seems like it is going to
take the world an additional 20 years to fully understand SWIM WEST benefits,
qualities and its contribution to our quality of life. But you guys, new
members of WEST swimming class, will understand and enjoy its benefits as
early as today.

1. In this course you will learn and improve your freestyle swimming technique.

2. You will learn how to swim every 3 strokes and swim 200 m freestyle with
a loose and easy swimming technique.

3. Every swimming workout has 2-15 videos that will help you
understand exactly what you should do.

4. You will learn how to stretch your muscles during your swimming and after
in order to protect your joints and elongate your muscles.

5. If you practice 2 days a week the course will take you 7-8 weeks and if
you practice 3 days, it will take you only 5 weeks.

The amazing thing in the WEST swimming program is:

You don’t need to think!! We have done the thinking for you !!

In the course you have 5 different workouts each workout should be repeated exactly 3 times.

All you need is a swim suit, fins and a big smile, thousands of people have
already done it before.


What are the requirements?

  • There is no need for Previous experience in swimming, we will teach you everything from 0
  • You need fins and goggles.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 45 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • Swim easily 200 m freestyle with much less effort.
  • Stretch yourself correctly after swimming
  • Whats your right stretching depth in order to protect your neck, lower back.
  • Swim faster
  • Control your swimming pace
  • Swim less strokes in each lap.

What is the target audience?

  • Every person that want’s to learn how to swim right, People whom don’t know how to swim, people who knows who to swim but feel they swim very slow, people who have lower back pain
  • don’t take this course if you are afraid of water and have hydrophobia.

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