Learn to swim freestyle and go from Zero to Hero in just 3 months!

How does loosening your lower back and neck help you learn how to swim faster?


The Swim WEST swimming technique originates from an aqua- rehabilitation treatment which we found to be the best hydrotherapy treatment for patients suffering with lower back and neck pains.

The WEST swimming technique is like no other swimming technique and does not involve any high elbow or strong kicking strokes.

Our swim West hydrotherapy centers have been ranked Number 1 worldwide and over the years we’ve treated over 100,000 hydrotherapy patients.

At WEST we know that each swimmer must swim according to their own level of flexibility and abilities and how important it is for swimmers to protect and loosen their lower back and neck whilst swimming.



We’ve witnessed incredible results and watched thousands of people learn to swim 3 – 5 times faster and dramatically further distances!


So, how does loosening your lower back and neck enable you to swim faster?

When you loosen your neck whilst swimming you decrease your stress and oxidation levels and float better and when you loosen your lower back you enable your body to move much faster.

For only 32$ you can improve your lifestyle and your swimming abilities forever!

What’s included in The WEST Swimming Technique Course – for only 32$?

  1. We’ll teach you to swim 1000m freestyle using the WEST swimming technique
  2. You’ll receive over 2+ hours of high definition videos of all the swimming drills you’ll learn throughout the course.
  3. You’ll learn how to loosen your lower back and neck and how to breathe every 3 strokes in order to gain more air whilst you swim.
  4.  Your swimming technique will improve drastically and you’ll be able to swim much faster

*** Send us a video of you swimming half way through the course and receive a free analyze of your swimming technique.

When you complete your 3 months course you’ll understand why swimming WEST is ”“The WEST way to swim”


Ori Sela is the head coach of Water World Academy(one of the biggest water academy in the world) and an hydrotherapy expert,

Triathlon coach, open water coach but mostly he dedicates his life for helping people with the power of the water.


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