Masters swimming in Israel & Open Water swimming in Israel

Swimming in Israel

Why swim in your vacation, business trip or why swim with masters swimming Israel?  Why swim open water in Israel, masters swimming in Israel and especially in Water World Israel?

The answer Is long but important:

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The  beauty of open water in Israel – We made an amazing swim in the 4 seas of Israel in 24 hours in order to raise awareness to clean seas( we know you will like this video)

The main reason is just to swim and meet people, swimmers from Israel and train with them, In Water World Israel we love swimmers and you will feel it once you join us in your first workout.

So before you organize your next trip, contact  Ori Sela founder of Water World Israel & WEST swimming technique and you will have the time of your life.

Water World Holiday swim camps:

[email protected]

Water World Israel has 7  swimming & Hydrotherapy centers( 5 of them  has Masters teams)

Masters swimming in Israel – Swimming in Tel Aviv

Address of Water World Tel Aviv- Yehuda Hanasi 34 Tel Aviv

Masters swimming in Israel – Swimming in Haifa- Nesher

Address of masters North of Israel – Nesher – Derech Bar Yehuda 113 Nesher 

Masters swimming in Israel – Swimming in kriyat ONO

Address of Kriyat ono Masters team in Israel – Kakal 4 Kriyat Ono

Masters & WESTERS swimming in Ramat Hasharon

Address of Water World ramat hasharon pool – Moshe Sne 199 Ramat Hasharon

Masters swimming in Israel – Swimming in Netanya (Poleg)

Address of Masters Poleg Netanya – Shulamit 2 Netanya


Water World Poleg the biggest and most professional swimming clubs in Israel

Address (shulamit 2 Netanaya) Navigate with Waze>>>

So why swim with us on your vacation in Israel?

1.It’s good to travel but it’s not healthy to rest without moving the body for a week or more, Its dangerous for the heart, brain and soul  and you can gain wight which is not fun:)

2. Masters swimming in Israel is a great way to meet new people and not only people, swimmers!!

3. Water World Israel and Water World Israel masters swimmers love to show you around and swim with you, you will really feel at home.

4. In Water World masters Israel we work a lot on swimming techniques and on WEST swimming technique which is the best swimming technique in the world for healing and treating lower back pain.

5. Swimming open water in Israel- The Mediterranean sea and especially the sea In Israel is beautiful and warm all year long from 15-30 C (from 60-84 F) We have swimmers from beginners to professional.

6. Open water swims/events in Israel: Water World  WEST swimming technique are one of the organizers of the biggest Aquatic league in Israel: The long cross of the Galileo sea 21k “Bikury Yam” 1.8k, 5k, 10k May (Netanya Beach)  Port2Port September (Tel Aviv 1.9k 4.5k) Crocodile swim in October ( Maagan Michael) and to finish with Poseidon swim in October

Watch Poseidon swim in Herzelia Beach:

7. All swimmers in Water World are a big Family.

8. Meet beautiful people women and men.

9. Water World Masters swimming in Israel has more than 60 swimming workouts a week in 7 centers

** The best swimming technique in the world for masters swimming, friends, beautiful beaches, amazing swimming workouts, swimmers all over the world that’s the place you want to train on your work, vacation in Israel.

If you want to learn more about Ori Sela and improve your swimming technique start swimming WEST online and get 50% on your first course>>


Master swimming in Israel- Masters swimming in Tel Aviv- Neve Avivim – Address – Yehuda Hanasi 34 Tel Aviv

Navigate with Waze to Water World Tel Aviv>>

For more Info about West swimming technique and Masters swimming groups in Israel mail Ori Sela [email protected]

Open water swims with Water World Israel in Tel Aviv and Netanya

Open water in Israel is one of the best places in the world for jumping on your first time sea.

The temp. is great all year long, you can work on your swimming technique or to learn to swim freestyle correctly in the clear waters

In this video you can see more than 30 women entering on their first time before the women triathlon in May, working on their swimming technique, how to pass the waves and how to enjoy open water swimming.

Ori Sela coached and swam with 5 of his friends from Cyprus to Israel and one of the most amazing things in this 1 year of training is how to learn how to swim freestyle in a correct way ” swim WEST” and protect your body in long distance swimming. Ori talked on TEDx Nicosia about the journey.

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