My first 100 m freestyle without a nose clip- Gal Barkan

“You are going to swim 5 lengths now, 100m, without pausing,” he tells me.

I look at him, half panicking. Me??? 100m??? I can’t even climb a flight of stairs without having to catch my breath!

Air has always been a major issue with me, having had Asthma most of my life. I can practice sports, as long as it doesn’t include much breathing. I can power-walk, am very good at Pilates and dancing, I am strong and limber. But breathing? Well, that’s not for me.

And now, on my fourth swimming lesson, Ori wants me to swim 100m.

And he seems to be quite serious about it…

“You can rest for a few seconds if you need to,” he tells me, seeing the skeptic look on my face, “but no talking, and the clock will still be running, so that adds to your time.”

Well, after he proved to me that I can put my head in the water and not die, I tend to believe Ori when he says I can do something. I put on my best brave face, take a deep breath and plunge in.

4 minutes later I complete the task, without resting. Ori is positively beaming.

The style left a whole lot to be desired, I felt the lack of air sometimes, but I didn’t stop, and I did it!

My next goal is to cut this time in half, and improve my style, but I’m not worried, Ori will not rest until I’m a model West swimmer.

**Swimming WEST is starting to change my life and I like it.


Gal Barkan learning to swim greestyle

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