Nava Bar was almost killed after a bike accident

Three months ago while I was bike riding up north I unfortunately had a very serious bike accident due to a very steep slope I went down on. I was hospitalized for two weeks. My injuries included fractures in my back, broken ribs, pneumothorax and a nervous injury to my right arm and shoulder.

nava bar 2

A day after I was released from the hospital Ori Sela called me and asked me to come try hydrotherapy in order to ease my pain. It took me two weeks until I showed up at the pool.

At the beginning it was quite challenging for me. I could barely put on my swimming suit or swimming hat, not to mention going down the pool’s stairs… But the moment my body felt the water everything changed. My body against the calming, soothing water made me feel free again. All the pressure and the pain were gone.

After my first meeting with the water I found myself waiting for my next class at the pool, each time my body become stronger.

Each session we were working on my strength, flexibility, balance. I have to say, my progress was fast.

nava bar

** the Doctors tolled me I wouldn’t be able to lift my hand again.

After one month in  hydrotherapy I felt strong enough to try to start swimming free style again but in a different swimming technique. The feeling was amazing, my self confidence as well as my optimism both increased .

Recently my neurologist checked me and was surprised by the big difference between my EMG results and my ability to move my arm and shoulder. He instructed me to keep up with the swimming and maybe even move in to the pool.


Now I’m even considering joining a swimming camp in September.


I can’t stop being thankful for the process I went though with the huge support I got from the “water world” team and this amazing swimming technique.


Nava bar

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