One leg Ilanit Training Blog- 2 hours in the cold

I had a few moments that I thought my short leg is going to fall, I am so cold I can’t even think.

Another day in the office….


I’m in a cold water swimming camp in the beautiful island of Palma de Mallorca, surrounded by some really great swimmers, most of them did or intend to make a solo.

What is a “solo”?

As I’ve explained in my last blog, it is extremely difficult to cross the English Channel. Only about 2000 people crossed the channel solo / relay and made it to the other side. A third of the number of mountain Everst climbers. Only about 30% make it. Even less on the first attempt. I’m preparing for a relay swim with 5 other strong swimmers.
A “Solo” is the actual thing – to make it by yourself.
No wet suit, tough rules, you’re on your own in a cold dirty water, just you and your demons.

I’m training for a relay cross, my qualifications is “only” 2 hours swim in 15 degrees.


I’m extremely excited for the upcoming day. I had a good afternoon yesterday, enjoyed the stay in the cold water, if you ignore the pain from my burned shoulder and think about my swimming technique- everything is fine. Happy happy happy.


A short brief, and in to the bay. F… It’s cold. Much cooler than expected, but I’m happy, looking at the beauty of the underwater fauna and flora. Thanks to the clear water I can see every leave or tiny fish. All great. Water are all around me. I’m trying not to think of the freezing ocean surrounding me, “you must imagine hot fire”, said Fiona- the group lead trainer. I’m really trying.


Every 30 minutes they’re feeding me with hot carbohydrates drink and a banana. When I came to my last feed I barely hold the cup, but I made it. 2 hours and I’m out.

Lying on the ground, strange hands taking of my costume, drying, dressing me. I nearly fell to sleep out of exhaustion, but they didn’t let me.

15 min later I was good as new.


“What a recovery”, I’ve been told. Well, I figured, I’m much better than expected. Nice.


I went to sleep with every intention to swim for 6 hours the day after, But….. You will read the next  swim WEST Blog about day 2-3..


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