Parents kids swimming games to make your kid love the water

As a parent we teach our kids many things, but is it good for us to teach them how to swim? is it good to work on their swimming technique?

the answer is yes and no!

Yes play with them in the water, but no, don’t teach them if you really want them to go with you to the pool and love the water.

When your kid is 2,3….6 years old our goal as a parent is to make them smile when they see water, in these amazing videos you will learn how to strengthen your kids muscles, open their lunges and maybe turn them to little dolphins.

In this swim WEST video we will learn the basics of water adjustment for kids:

1. Splashing water

2.Throwing a ball

3.Entering the water with a big hug.



The most important thing is to go with your kid one step at the time, don’t force, just be there for him.



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